QSO Relay

QSO Relay is a Windows desktop application that runs as a System Tray application that listens for contacts being forwarded from WSJT-X/JT65-HF and JTAlertX via the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). As datagrams are received, they are logged locally in a SQLite database and then relayed via Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) to a Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook v6.x database.

QSO Relay was developed as a proxy application that accepts contacts being forwarded by the ‘Last QSO API’ in JTAlertX, and then relays the contact to the HRD Logbook database.  QSO Relay enables Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook v6.x to continue being used with JTAlertX with version 2.9.7 onwards.

QSO Relay is free of charge for your unlimited personal use, but I would appreciate any small contribution you can make to help cover ongoing support costs.  I offer no warranty or guarantee of support and all use is at your own risk.


You can download the latest version of the application and documentation via the following links:

If you are in need of a more detailed explanation on how to correctly configure QSO Relay when HRD Logbook is using a Microsoft Access (.mdb) database, refer to this document:


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