QSO Relay v1.4 Released

The latest release of QSO Relay (v1.4) is now available for download from the QSO Relay page, or by selecting the Check for Updates… option on the QSO Relay menu if you already have an earlier version installed.

This version is a minor release only, that addresses a couple of issues that have affected a very small number of users.  Most users will notice no change in functionality.

  • Handles ‘empty’ values in the Latitude, Longitude, My Latitude and My Longitude columns during ADIF logging file extract;
  • Rounds non-integer values in RX Power and TX Power columns during ADIF logging file extract;
  • Added RX Power field to ADIF logging file extract.

Again we wish to thank all users for their positive feedback and patience in working with us to resolve some of the issues experienced.

73 Chris

Contact Forwarding for JTAlertX and Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook v6.x

I have just released the latest version v1.3 of my QSO Relay application, which is a Windows desktop application that runs as a System Tray application and listens for contacts being forwarded from WSJT-X and JTAlertX via the User Datagram Protocol (UDP).  As datagrams are received, they are logged locally in a SQLite database and then relayed via Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) to a Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook v6.x database.

Significant performance improvements have been made in the database synchronisation that reflects changes made to contacts in HRD Logbook, back to JTAlertX in preparation for its ‘Scan Log and Update’. This release also includes a number of other improvements and bug fixes.

Full details on the QSO Relay page.

73 Chris